Take screenshots on your Chromebook Easy Quick Answer

It’s really easy to Take screenshots on your Chromebook by pressing (Shift + Ctrl + Show windows icon) shown on the top 6th button from left to right side upside. After you will see the light blur & will be available a selecting arrow. That’s it select the area of the screenshot that you want to capture. & you are done.

I am also using now Chromebook here is a screenshot 

I am also using now Chromebook here is a screenshot 

Screenshots can be useful for several reasons. For example, you can send copies of error messages to support services, show a friend what your game screen looks like, or save a tweet that you suspect will be deleted in a few minutes. All laptops today include ways to take screenshots, and that includes Chromebooks.

Chromebooks can be a bit confusing for someone coming from another platform, especially since their keyboards are somewhat different from Mac or Windows PC. Some keys present in other laptops are missing, while new ones have been added. However, once you know the basic keyboard shortcuts for taking screenshots, you’re good to go.

To take a screenshot of the entire screen, use the Ctrl + Show Windows key combination. The Show Windows key, which looks like a rectangle with two lines on the right side, is in the top row of the keyboard (it is the equivalent of the F5 key on a PC keyboard).
Chromebook showing “show windows” key
To take a screenshot of a part of the screen, press Shift + Ctrl + Show Windows. You will see a cross icon; click and drag

It is until the part of the screen you want to copy is highlighted and then release.
After taking the screenshot, you may see a copy of the screenshot in a pop-up window (depending on the version of Chrome OS you are using). It will give you the option to copy the screenshot to your clipboard or annotate the image.

Any screenshots you take will end up in the Downloads folder. To find the folder:

Select the launcher in the left corner of your screen.
Look for the icon called “Files” below the search field. If you don’t see it, select the up arrow and look for the “Files” app there. That icon will open your file manager. Find your Downloads folder in the “My Files” category on the left. Your screenshots will be there.

Alternative: You can use Best Chromebook Screenshot Extensions for your chrome Browser

Best Google Chrome Screenshot Extension for Chromebook. Screen Capture makes it easy to instantly capture an individual screen, allowing users to share it with their colleagues. Instead of just screenshots, it also allows you to record videos, add your voice message using a microphone at the time of recording. You can directly share the URL of your captured screen with your colleagues, allowing them to view it from their devices.

List of Top 3 best screenshot extensions for Chromebook

Light shot fast & easy
Lightshot has made a name for itself because it is the easiest and fastest screen capture app for the Chrome browser. The extension is lightweight and captures screenshots really very fast. You can select any part of the web page. After selecting it, you can edit it as you like and save it to your computer. There is also support for cloud storage.

light shot fast & light screenshot extension

lightshot fast & light screenshot extension

A good trick is to search your hard drive for similar-looking screenshots. Useful if you work with screenshots a lot and find it difficult to locate them from time to time.

Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder

Best Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder

Awesome screenshot chrome
Awesome screenshot best google Chrome Screenshot Extension for chrome. The screenshot features a variety of robust functionalities. With this, you can not only capture screenshots, but you can even annotate them or blur areas within. You can share the screenshots with anyone instantly. Besides having a friendly user interface, it can also be used to take screen logs and upload them to different project management tools like Trello, Jira, and more.

Fire shot
Fireshot best Chrome Screenshot Extension for Chromebook Fireshot can be considered one of the best Chrome screenshot extensions available on the market. With this, you can capture your entire screen without additional permission requests. Captured screenshots can be edited with the built-in image editor. This is not the end of their duties. It also allows you to add text annotations in addition to your favorite emojis.

Download Fire shot for Chromebook

Take Webpage Screenshots Entirely fireShot can be exported in various file formats, including PDF, PNG, JPEG, BMP, and GIF.

These were some of the top 3 best screenshot extensions for  Chromebook. You can take SS for your Twitter screenshots work great and allow you to capture tweets effortlessly. YouTube screenshots are great for capturing stills from videos directly to YouTube. Nimbus is by far the most powerful screenshot tool on the list and full-page screenshot the simplest. Tell us which screenshot extensions you like the best and if there’s a better one that we missed in the comments below.

Usefull video

showing how to take screenshoot with Chromebook

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