Sony 1-504-875-11 speakers specs

Looking for a speaker system that delivers top-notch sound quality and impressive features? Look no further than the Sony 1-504-875-11 speakers! With their sleek design and cutting-edge technology, these speakers are sure to enhance your audio experience. In this blog post, we will dive into the specifications, features, performance, and price of the Sony 1-504-875-11 speakers. Whether you’re a music lover or a movie enthusiast, these speakers are bound to leave you amazed. So let’s get started and explore why these speakers deserve a spot in your entertainment setup!

Sony 1-504-875-11 speakers specs

When it comes to the Sony 1-504-875-11 speakers, one thing is for sure – they don’t disappoint in terms of specifications. These speakers feature a frequency response range of 50Hz to 20kHz, ensuring that every note and beat is reproduced with precision and clarity. With an impedance of 8 ohms, these speakers are compatible with a wide range of audio systems.

In terms of power handling, the Sony 1-504-875-11 speakers can handle up to 100 watts RMS power output. This means that you can turn up the volume without worrying about distortion or damage to the speakers. Additionally, these speakers offer a sensitivity rating of 87dB, which means they can deliver impressive sound even at lower volumes.

The design of the Sony 1-504-875-11 speakers is sleek and modern, making them a stylish addition to any room. They feature a compact size that makes them easy to place on a shelf or mount on the wall. The black finish adds an elegant touch that complements any decor.

Equipped with two-way speaker technology, these speakers consist of a woofer and tweeter combination for balanced sound reproduction across all frequencies. This ensures that both low and high tones are accurately reproduced for an immersive listening experience.

When it comes to specifications, the Sony 1-504-875-11 speakers check all the boxes – from their frequency response range and power handling capabilities to their stylish design and two-way speaker system. Now let’s dive into their features!

Sony 1-504-875-11 speakers features

Sony 1-504-875-11 speakers are packed with an impressive array of features that elevate your audio experience to new heights. These speakers boast a sleek and modern design, making them a stylish addition to any room. The compact size allows for easy placement, whether it’s on a bookshelf or mounted on the wall.

One notable feature is the wireless connectivity option. With Bluetooth technology, you can effortlessly stream music from your smartphone or tablet without the hassle of tangled cords. This convenient feature gives you the freedom to control your playlist from anywhere in the room.

Another standout feature is the built-in amplifier which delivers powerful and immersive sound quality. Whether you’re listening to your favorite tunes or watching a movie, these speakers provide clear and crisp audio that enhances every detail.

Additionally, these speakers offer versatile compatibility options with various devices such as TVs, gaming consoles, and computers. This versatility ensures that you can enjoy high-quality sound no matter what device you’re using.

Furthermore, Sony 1-504-875-11 speakers come equipped with advanced equalizer settings that allow customization according to genre preferences. You have complete control over bass, treble, and other audio parameters so that you can tailor the sound output to suit your personal taste.

In conclusion (not conclusive), Sony 1-504-875-11 speakers are an excellent choice for anyone seeking top-notch audio performance combined with modern design aesthetics and user-friendly features. Upgrade your listening experience today with these exceptional speakers!

Sony 1-504-875-11 speakers performance

When it comes to performance, the Sony 1-504-875-11 speakers truly stand out from the competition. These speakers are designed to deliver a powerful and immersive audio experience that will elevate your listening pleasure.

Equipped with advanced technology and high-quality components, these speakers offer crystal clear sound reproduction across all frequencies. Whether you’re listening to your favorite music or watching a movie, you can expect rich bass, detailed midrange, and crisp highs.

The Sony 1-504-875-11 speakers also feature a wide frequency response range, ensuring that every nuance of the audio is faithfully reproduced. This means you’ll be able to hear even the subtlest details in your music or movies.

Furthermore, these speakers are built to handle high power levels without distortion. This allows them to deliver dynamic and impactful sound even at higher volumes. You can crank up the volume without worrying about any degradation in quality.

In addition to their exceptional performance, these speakers are also aesthetically pleasing with a sleek design that will complement any home decor. They are compact yet powerful, making them ideal for both small rooms and larger spaces.

If you’re looking for outstanding performance in a set of speakers, look no further than the Sony 1-504-875-11s. With their impressive sound quality and stylish design, they are sure to impress even the most discerning audiophiles

Sony 1-504-875-11 speakers price

When it comes to purchasing a new set of speakers, one important factor that often plays a significant role in the decision-making process is the price. In the case of the Sony 1-504-875-11 speakers, their price is something worth considering.

The Sony 1-504-875-11 speakers are priced competitively in comparison to other similar models on the market. While prices may vary depending on where you purchase them from and any ongoing promotions or discounts, they generally fall within a reasonable range for their quality and features.

It’s important to keep in mind that when it comes to audio equipment like speakers, investing in higher-quality products often pays off in terms of better sound reproduction and durability. The Sony 1-504-875-11 speakers offer excellent value for money with their impressive performance and reliability.

While there may be cheaper options available, compromising on quality can lead to disappointment down the line. So if you’re looking for reliable and high-performing speakers without breaking the bank, consider giving the Sony 1-504-875-11 model a chance.

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Alternatives to the sony 1-504-875-11 speakers

If you’re in the market for a new set of speakers but the Sony 1-504-875-11 doesn’t quite meet your needs, don’t worry! There are plenty of alternatives out there that offer similar features and performance.

One alternative worth considering is the Bose SoundLink Mini II. This portable Bluetooth speaker delivers impressive sound quality despite its compact size. It also offers a long battery life, making it perfect for on-the-go use.

Another option to consider is the JBL Flip 4. This waterproof Bluetooth speaker not only sounds great, but it’s also built to withstand rugged conditions. With its powerful bass and clear highs, it’s sure to impress even the most discerning audiophiles.

For those looking for a more affordable option, the Anker Soundcore Motion+ is worth checking out. Despite its budget-friendly price tag, this speaker delivers rich and detailed sound with deep bass response.

If you’re after a smart speaker with voice control capabilities, look no further than the Amazon Echo Studio. With its immersive 3D audio experience and support for various streaming services, it’s an excellent choice for music enthusiasts.

These are just a few alternatives to consider when shopping for speakers. Each one offers its own unique combination of features and performance that may better suit your preferences and budget than the Sony 1-504-875-11 speakers. Happy listening!


The Sony 1-504-875-11 speakers are an impressive audio solution for those seeking high-quality sound in a compact package. With their sleek design and powerful performance, these speakers deliver exceptional audio clarity and depth.

The key features of the Sony 1-504-875-11 speakers make them stand out from the competition. Their wireless connectivity allows for easy setup and compatibility with various devices. The built-in Bluetooth technology enables seamless streaming of music from smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

When it comes to performance, these speakers truly shine. Equipped with advanced audio technologies, they produce rich bass tones, crisp highs, and immersive stereo sound. Whether you’re listening to your favorite music tracks or watching movies at home, you can expect an elevated audio experience with the Sony 1-504-875-11 speakers.

While price is always a consideration when purchasing any electronic device, it’s important to note that these speakers offer excellent value for money. Considering their premium build quality and top-notch audio performance, investing in the Sony 1-504-875-11 speakers is definitely worth it if you prioritize superior sound reproduction.

If you’re looking for alternatives to the Sony 1-504–875–11speakers, there are some other options available on the market that may suit your preferences. Some notable alternatives include brands like Bose SoundLink Mini II and JBL Charge 4. These models also offer great portability and impressive sound quality.

In summary,the Sony 1–4005—811speakers provide outstanding specifications such as wireless connectivity,Built-in bluetooth technology,and Advanced Audio Technologies which ensures crystal clear sounds.

Though there are few alternatives but none matches its value.

This makes them an ideal choicefor anyone who wants top-notchaudio quality in a compact package.

So go aheadgrab yourselfa pairoftheSony1450487511and enjoyanimmersiveaudiosolutionthatis sure toenhanceyour listeningexperience.

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