How to Use Old Phone as Security Camera

How to use an old phone as a security camera. Ever wonder what to do with that old smartphone that you threw in any empty corner after buying a new one?  you will forever protect your home from old phones.

One of the most useful ways to repurpose an old phone is to turn it into a home security camera. Once it’s set up, you’ll be able to monitor your living space and control your security camera from anywhere, right from your new phone.

Best free Security Camera App for Android

To get started, you will need to choose a security camera app for your phone. Most applications offer standard features such as local streaming, cloud streaming, local or remote image recording and storage, and motion detection and alerts. There are awesome and free options available for both Android and iPhone smartphones

Now a day’s you have an excellent idea of the best free security camera app for android including highly recommended apps like Alfred, Manything short for monitoring anything, Home Eye, or Presence, all of which will work on either platform.

Typically, you’ll need to download the app on both your old and new phones and follow a simple installation and setup to get started. Once both phones have logged into the app, the old phone serves as a security camera.

You will need to set it up at a point that you most want to monitor, such as the front entrance of your house, backyard, or a place where you keep valuables. Mounting it on a smartphone tripod or car mount will help stabilize it in place.

Your security app will provide a live feed from your old phone’s camera to your new phone via video streaming. You have to note that streaming video uses a lot of battery power.

So you’ll also want to keep your older camera phone regularly charged. If possible, place it near a power source and leave it plugged in; That way, you can have it monitored without worry.

Best App to Turn Old Phone into Security Camera

A smartphone security camera app can come in handy for those on a budget or those looking to add a little more peace of mind. to a room, and they don’t mind doing the follow-up themselves, rather than a professional team.

Home security systems can be expensive, so it’s nice to be able to find ways to help protect your home and family using equipment that you already have around the house. You have to take your old smartphones and webcams and turn them into security cameras.

These apps give you the option to recycle older pieces of tech that you haven’t been using and turn them into a home security camera that you can use to monitor what’s going on while you’re away. Top Best Apps to Turn Old Phones into Security cameras are listed below.

1 – Presence

Presence reimagines your replacement iOS and Android devices as free Wi-Fi security cameras! Easily expand with add-on products to protect and control your home from anywhere in the world. Presence Security is the addition of easy-to-install wireless sensors that notify you and your circle of trusted friends and family when something important happens at home when you are away. We want security to be affordable for everyone because we all have homes, loved ones, and valuables that we want to protect.

2 – Alfred

Turn your unused smartphones into a home security surveillance IP camera for free. Your smartphone is more versatile and powerful than the IP cameras on the market. If you are looking for a home security solution, baby monitor, pet monitor, or IP camera, stop looking now that you have Alfred. Video surveillance has never been easier. Install Alfred the mobile app on two smartphones.

Motion detection: Get an instant notification when your camera phone detects any movement.

Live broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: keep an eye on what matters to you anytime, anywhere; as a security camera.

Drive Out Intruders: Protect your belongings even when you’re away from home.

Two-way talk: Through two-way talk, you can deter thieves, interact with visitors or pets, and calm babies.

Low Light Filter: Watch for sleeping babies, tighten security when it’s dark, and monitor your pets’ nightlife.

Pet Cam: Two-way talk, deter thieves, interact with visitors, calm babies, correct behavior problems

Baby Monitor: Night Vision. Watch sleeping babies, tighten security when it’s dark, monitor your pets’ nightlife

People detection: Person’s detection mode allows you to avoid unwanted alerts triggered by irrelevant objects in your environment.

3 – Manythings

Control your house, pets, baby, or anything with Manything! Our free app turns a replacement iPhone or iPad into a sophisticated wireless security camera without the upfront costs and expensive plans of conventional security cameras. Just install Manything on a replacement iPhone or iPad and your main phone to watch live broadcasts, watch motion-activated clips, or even talk to the person on the other end from anywhere. Key features.

Simple setup: just install the app on both phones.

Live Video Streaming: CCTV functionality to see what is happening in real-time.

Motion trigger: the camera will automatically record motion.

Cloud-based DVR: Past events are automatically backed up to the cloud.

Motion-Activated Alerts: Receive alerts on motion usage as a burglary or entry alarm.

Conversation functionality: for two-way audio communication.

Adjustable motion sensitivity: Make sure you only capture important events.

Motion Detection Zones: Only monitor the areas you need.

IFTTT integration: for home automation and enhanced alerts.

Connectivity: Use it via Wi-Fi or your spare phone’s data connection.

Still, image is the only mode: for time-lapse and still image capture. Continue reading Free antivirus protection from Norton Mobile Security for 1 year for Android and iOS

4 – WardenCam

WardenCam will take any phone or tablet and put its Internet connectivity and advanced video and audio sensors to good surveillance use. Video surveillance has never been easier. Install WardenCam on two phones. One is your camera in the designated location, and take the other as a viewfinder. Log in with the same Google account and you’re done.

Now you are connected with your loved ones via WiFi or 3G / 4G from anywhere in the world. With WardenCam’s unique motion detection feature and Google Drive and Dropbox integration, you can enjoy peace of mind without constantly keeping an eye on things. If you are looking for a home security solution, video surveillance baby monitor, pet monitor, or IP camera, stop looking now that you have WardenCam.

1. Motion detection and alert (push notification and email)

2. Cloud storage (directly to your Google Drive or Dropbox)

3. Scheduled motion detection (day and time)

4. Night vision mode (improves visibility in low ambient light conditions)

5. Ultra high definition video and audio

5 – Presence

You have an old smartphone or tablet. He’s sitting there, doing nothing. Why not put it to work? Let the free Presence app take care of your back. Get it today and you’ll have a home security camera system in less than 5 minutes. Download Presence BOTH on your main smartphone, the one you use every day, as well as on your old smartphone or tablet.

Position the old device in the direction you want to face and secure it. You will receive recorded video alerts when something happens. You can even see what’s happening remotely from anywhere. With live audio/video streaming and video recording on-demand, Presence is a great DIY home security camera system. It is also a webcam, baby monitor, pet camera, babysitter camera, home surveillance camera, party camera, or any camera.

6 – Choice

Choice allows you to turn your replacement device into a wireless home security camera and then control it remotely from the app on your phone. No purchase of external devices or installation fees. Instead of paying a small fortune buying a new WiFi or IP camera, simply retrieve your old smartphone that was in a drawer and turn it into a truly wireless home security camera, baby phone, or pet monitor.

Once converted into a CCTV camera, your old cell phone can easily be placed anywhere in a room. Standing tall on a shelf or standing on a table, orient the field of view of your new security camera in the direction you want, and voila!

Live Video Streaming: View your security camera feed in real-time from the app on your phone.

Two-Way Talk: Listen and speak simultaneously through your camera’s microphone.

Siren Alarm: A siren alarm sounds when the camera detects movement or sound.

Fullscreen + Zoom: don’t miss any details. Enter full-screen mode and then zoom in to take a closer look.

Presence detectors: Motion and sound detectors alert you when the camera detects activity.

Video recording: all activities are automatically captured by photo and video.

HD Video Quality: Enjoy the best HD video quality when viewing your camera live.

Instant Alerts: Get notified instantly on your phone when activity is detected.

Multi-user mode: easily share your security camera view with your family or relatives.

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7 – eyepiece

EyesPie can turn your old smartphone into a home security wifi CCTV camera with 24 × 7 monitoring. It has WiFi support that detects all devices connected to your home wifi system automatically. EyesPie also has motion detection with an on-demand monitoring feature that allows you to protect your home and family in your absence. Records every movement it detects locally and alerts you when it is needed.

Secured: Establishes an end-to-end encrypted peer connection over HTTPS (SSL) to provide audio/video feed.

HD Video: Provides high-quality video streaming that adjusts automatically based on available bandwidth

Motion Detection: Record locally whenever motion is detected and send an alert instantly to verify the live audio/video feed.

Protected: Access to the device is protected by the Google login and can only be accessed by the same account.

Optimized Battery: To save battery life on your device, it connects to the device even when the device screen is off and does not turn on.

WiFi Support: Automatically detect devices on home WiFi. It makes 24 × 7 monitoring available completely free of charge.

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