Can you Use Airpods on a Plane Experts Guide

Can you use AirPods on a plane? So the short answer is yes, you can use AirPods on an airplane. The Federal Aviation Administration has decided to allow the use of Bluetooth devices on airplanes. When you turn on airplane mode on your iPhone, the AirPods may disconnect.

The thing to remember is that your iPhone’s cellular connection must be disabled when on an airplane. That is why it is necessary to activate the airplane mode. The first time you access the control center, activate airplane mode on an iPhone, turn off all radios except Bluetooth. So your AirPods should keep working.

Everything you Should Know Can you Use AirPods on a Plane?

Can you Use Airpods on a Plane

If you later turn Bluetooth off while airplane mode is on your iPhone, it will remember it. The next time you activate airplane mode, it will deactivate all types of radio communication, including Bluetooth. In this case, your AirPods will disconnect when you enable airplane mode.

That might lead you to think that you can’t use AirPods on an airplane because airplane mode is turning off Bluetooth. The simple solution is to activate airplane mode and then if necessary, go back to the control center and re-enable Bluetooth.

That way, your AirPods will be able to connect to your phone and you can use them on the plane.

Do AirPods Work as Noise-Canceling?

Yes, of course, AirPods Pro has active noise cancellation, which makes them much more comfortable to use on airplanes. One of the problems with using regular AirPods on a plane is the noise levels in the cabin. The roar of the engine and air resistance makes it quite loud.

You end up needing to turn up the volume on your AirPods just to be able to listen to your podcasts, audiobooks, movies, or music.  AirPods are great headphones, but playing them at full volume for long periods isn’t good for your ears, and they don’t sound great when you’re on a plane.

Also, take a look at Apple AirPods Max. They are over-the-ear noise-canceling headphones that would also provide much better sound quality on the plane. They also have a much better battery life if you are going to take a long flight.

Regular AirPods are great for walking around town, but when you’re sitting somewhere over your ear, the headphones provide much better sound quality, especially if you’re sitting on a plane! Do you use wireless earbuds, earphones, or AirPods? If so, you will take it everywhere.

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Does this not Affect Wired Headphones or Earphones?


The problem with using Airpods on an airplane is not about the device itself or what its purpose is; It is more about how it works, or rather, how it transmits data and how that transmission pollutes the navigation space with radio signals.

When you connect any wired device to your phone, you are establishing a local connection, in which the data is transmitted through physical means, not over airwaves. This makes wired headphones a very good option for listening to your media during a flight. It’s no wonder why they give away those cheap wired headphones.

What does Official air Traffic control about using AirPods on an Airplane?

In the broadest aspect, we have the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which controls more than 82% of total air traffic. They do not specify any regulations regarding the use of Bluetooth or AirPods during any flight. However, they do state that no Bluetooth device should remain on during critical stages of flight (i.e. takeoff and landing) and that all mobile devices should be in Airplane mode.

The Federal Aviation Administration, which controls all of US airspace, has essentially the same rules as IATA, but with a slight twist: They deny that it’s okay to use Airpods or any other type of Bluetooth device in flight when the aircraft has reached its maximum altitude.

On the contrary, Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) advises against the use of any Bluetooth device inside airplanes. They say that these restrictions do not apply to a small range of these devices, but it is not clear which type they allow.

There is a gray area in regards to its regulations when it comes to the use of Airpods inside an aircraft. For the most part, you can use the above 10,000 altitudes if you ask the flight attendant.

In more conservative settings, as in the case of China, you are not allowed under any circumstances to use your Airpods or any other Bluetooth device while flying on an airplane.

This only applies when flying over Chinese airspace. For the rest of the flight, it’s fine to use them, except for takeoffs and landings.

According to air traffic regulation officials, can I use AirPods on an airplane? Judging from this information, it is completely fine to use AirPods on an airplane. But if you are not sure, you can always ask first.

How can I Connect my AirPods In-flight Entertainment in Airplane?

Wired Headphones or Earphones

Many airlines offer passengers the ability to connect any wired headset to the aircraft’s inflight entertainment sound system. Audio quality is extremely terrible because they have split the stereo input into two separate jacks to make our lives a little more miserable while trying to avoid their paid headphone rental scheme.

However, there are a few ways that we can get out of this and connect our AirPods or any other Bluetooth device to the aircraft’s sound system.

Using the App or the Aircraft’s WiFi Network

You will also see in some rare cases that an in-flight WiFi network will be available inside the aircraft. Depending on how this network is configured, you will be able to connect without paying additional fees, but it is good to ask before trying to avoid surprises. Once connected, you can access movies and other information, such as travel guides and more, on the airline’s welcome page.

If you decide to watch movies using the WiFi connection on the plane, you can listen to the audio from these multimedia elements using any Bluetooth headset or AirPods connected to your device. In this way, we can “connect” the inflight entertainment system through a mobile phone or laptop.

We can do the same using the Airline app. You can access the entertainment system by entering your flight information. This way, you should be able to watch movies and videos using your AirPods for audio.

Using a Bluetooth Transmitter

Can you Use Airpods on a Plane Experts Guide

For the more advanced user and geek, you can buy from Amazon (and maybe a million other online stores) Bluetooth transmitters to send the audio signal from the speaker out jack on the armrest of your chair to your Bluetooth headphones for the plan or AirPods.

You can use AirPods on an Airplane with Audio Transmitters

There are many brands on the market, but mostly any model will work. They come with a small headphone jack that you have to connect to one of the two available headphone outputs. There is an additional step that you will need to take: both the transmitter and your Airpods must be paired for them to work properly. If everything is set up accordingly, you should be able to hear the audio from the aircraft’s entertainment system.

Note that airlines sometimes make the volume on these outputs extremely low (maybe on purpose), and sometimes when you plug in your device you won’t be able to hear anything, leading you to think that their trick of a million dollars did not. job. Most Bluetooth transmitters have a dedicated volume system. Just turn up the volume on your transmitter and you are good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

People are also excited to know about Some of the frequently asked questions are as follows:

Are AirPods Comfortable and Suitable for use on Long Flights?

AirPods are not as comfortable and suitable for long flights. Because they can cause a mild earache. Although the devices come in different sizes, they are not comfortable. This is my take on AirPods. Others may experience it differently.

Do AirPods have a Good Noise-Canceling Feature for Flights?

AirPods have a powerful noise cancellation feature that allows users to use them according to the environment. This feature is more permanent on AirPods Pro. Therefore, AirPods noise-canceling feature is ideal for flights.

Is AirPods Battery Life Good for Long Flights?

As explained above, the AirPods are poor in terms of battery life. The maximum battery life can be up to three hours. Therefore, they are not ideal for long flights. However, there is good news about the device and that is that its charging case will charge it at a very fast rate.

Can you Use AirPods on Airplanes and How do Airpods Work on Airplanes?

AirPods are one-of-a-kind wireless headphones. The apple company has presented AirPods and AirPods Pro, which are the most attractive and attractive devices of this era. The use of these devices in normal routine has gained great recognition.

However, people ask how to use Airpods on airplanes. This is a special case because traveling by plane is not as common as other transports. So based on air travel, here are some likes and dislikes of AirPods.

The Advantage and the Disadvantage of AirPods and Air Travel

Advantage. It connects to the phone easily. It has a great noise cancellation feature that allows you to block out the annoying sound of the indoor plane. Crisp, rich sound quality. The strong connection between phones and AirPods is Small in size easy to carry by plane.

Disadvantage. Uncomfortable and battery life is poor. It is not possible to use the aircraft entertainment system directly. These things are based purely on the experience of traveling.


AirPods have become very popular due to their reliability and efficiency. Although they are not perfect, they are perfectly satisfactory in terms of performance. Being an AirPods user, I must say that I had high expectations of these devices when they were launched. And I’m glad they met my expectations.

To sum up the discussion, I would say that AirPods are the devices that are the solution to all the entertainment problems of air travel. In the end, I suggest you have at least one trial of these devices and you will fall in love with them. This is it for now. See you soon with another informative idea.

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