Top 7 Best Cheap Touch Screen Laptops to Shine your Future

Hey, guys, Are you serching for the best touchscreen laptops? For which purpose do you want a touchscreen laptop? So would you search for an affordable touch screen laptop for drawing, gaming, animation, graphic designing, digital art?

You are in the right place here I would like to inform you of our Expert Picks which are responsive and accurate displays that make swiping and tapping your way through work or play feels natural and easy to use.

And also great for students and an artist. Their displays are bright and vibrant, and they are often mounted on a 360-degree hinge that allows them to be flipped over for use as tablets or smartphones.

Touchscreen laptops offer a combination of convenience and versatility that regular laptops simply cannot match. Touchscreen-equipped laptops allow you to perform a large number of tasks, but on a much larger screen.

Gone are the days of using only a trackpad or mouse. But with so many options on the market, it’s hard to choose which one is best for you so here I’m coming to with the 7 best touch screen laptop prices.

Top 7 Best Cheap Touch Screen Laptops

Touchscreen laptops have improved by leaps and bounds in recent years as Windows and Chrome OS have been perfected for touch input.

There are now a wide variety of options available to you when shopping for a new touchscreen laptop, That’s why we are coming up with you the top-7 touchscreen laptops to determine which one is the suits for you?

Many of them are among the best laptops you can buy.  Before you buy let’s have a look at How to choose the best touchscreen laptop?

How to Choose the Best Touchscreen Laptop?

To find the best touchscreen laptop, we run each machine we review through a rigorous set of benchmarks and real-world tests to assess how it will perform during everyday use.

When they arrive at our lab, we measure the average brightness and color quality of each laptop screen using our internal light meter and colorimeter.

For overall performance, we put our machines through tests including Geekbench 5 (CPU performance) as well as various 3DMark tests to measure graphics capabilities.

We also run a file transfer test to measure how fast a machine’s hard drive is and a custom battery test that makes the machine surf the internet over Wi-Fi until it’s dead.

After running our suite of lab tests, the laptop is turned over to one of our crack reviewers for hands-on testing. This involves at least a week of daily use.

During which the reviewer tests how well the laptop holds up to everything from working remotely to watching movies, playing games, listening to music, and creating content.

Each reviewer also tests how effective and comfortable the laptop is during everyday use, evaluating the layout and accuracy of the keyboard, trackpad, and touchscreen.

What are the best touchscreen laptops?

The best overall touchscreen laptop is the Dell XPS 13, and Dell Inspiron 14 5406 which packs fast components and a beautiful touchscreen with nearly zero bezels in a slim, lightweight design.

Also, it has great battery life. If you can afford the more expensive model with a 3.5K OLED touchscreen, it’s worth the expense due to its excellent color reproduction and contrast.

If you love the idea of ​​an OLED touchscreen laptop but want something that can be turned into a large tablet, you’d be happier with the Specter x360 14.

It has a beautiful 14-inch 1080p AMOLED touchscreen, excellent battery life, battery, and enough computing muscle to handle all your daily tasks.

Plus, it comes with a stylus that’s great for doodling on the screen, though sadly there’s no handy compartment on the laptop to hold it when not in use.

1. HP Specter x360 14 Touchscreen Laptop for Artists

The Specter x360 14 is the best 2-in-1 laptop which is ever best laptop with Full HD IPS 14-inch display screen useful new features with 11th Gen Intel Core i5-1135G7 processor. The highlights of this laptop include an impressive design, bright and vivid 1920 x 1280 pixel IPS screen, With great battery life, and overall performance are fast.

We recommend buying the Specter x360 14 over the Envy 13 if you have the money because it runs on Windows 10, and an eye-catching with intel Iris Xe Graphic for clear image quality especially if you need the flexible design the Specter x360 14 is decent and slim with lightweight.

This laptop is overall coming with great features it has 256GB SSD and Speakers of this laptop are great with deep bass. HP Specter x360 is one of the great and best cheap touch screen laptop for artists.

HP Specter x360 Best For Artists

  • 1. With Full HD 14-inch Display screen
  • 2. Has 11th Gen Intel Core i5 Processor
  • 3. With great battery life
  • 4. With intel Iris Xe Graphic
  • 5. Has 256GB SSD
  • 1. Very slim

2. Dell Inspiron 14 5406 2-in-1 Convertible Touchscreen Laptop

The new Dell Inspiron 14 5406 2-in-1 convertible is equipped with Intel core-i7 1165G7 Processor CPUs with a 14-inch Touchscreen laptop, with ‎1920 x 1080 pixels Resolution and it has an Intel Iris Xe Graphic for beautiful image quality also with LED-Backlit for more comfort.

Despite the power-suction quality of a touchscreen panel, the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 has Great battery life more lasts for more than 10 hours on a charge. The XPS 13 2-in-1 is also decent stylish and lightweight. Build quality is excellent. The XPS 13 2-in-1 is an aluminum body made.

Dell’s gives off professional vibes, but it’s also a very stylish and beautiful color with titan grey. other luxurious accents have 12GB RAM. The Dell Inspiron 2-in-1 is still the reigning king of convertibles you have to buy and get benefits from Dell Inspiron.

Dell Inspiron 14 5406 is Great for Graphic Designer
  • 1. With Intel core-i7 Processor
  • 2. Has 14-inch Touchscreen
  • 3. With great battery life
  • 4. With intel Iris Xe Graphic
  • 5. with LED-Backlit
  • 1. With titan grey in color

3. Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Best Cheap Touch Screen Laptop

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7 is the best detachable yet, with a 10th generation Quad-Core 15-1035G4 Processor and it’s bright and colorful 12.3-inch 2736 x 1824-pixel display is a big reason. Whether you’re retouching photos, the Surface Pro 7 touchscreen panel will reward your eyes with saturated, quality best images. with up to 8GB RAM And because it’s detachable, the Surface Pro 7+ is an amazing travel companion if you want to take your work with you on the go.

Not to mention, the kickstand on the back allows you to tilt the screen and use it as a drawing table. Another big selling point of the Surface Pro 7, in addition to running Windows 10 Pro, which offers significant performance gains and greater battery life It does with a Full HD camera and amazing accessories.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Best for Artists

  • 1. 10th generation Quad-Core 15 Processor
  • 2. Has 8GB RAM
  • 3. With great battery life
  • 4. Running with Windows 10 Pro,
  • 5. Full HD camera
  • 1. No LED Backlit

4. Lenovo Flex 14 2-in-1 Touch Screen Laptop with Pen

Lenovo Flex 14 2-in-1 is great with Chrome OS system and this laptop can offer great features. and the powerful AMD Ryzen 53500U processor, and you get a premium slim and a black pen also included a bright display screen, and great battery life.

Lenovo Flex 14 2-in-1 can compete head-to-head with Windows 10 laptops to Protect from Anti-viruses when it comes to performance.

The  Lenovo Flex 14 2-in-1 does not slow down its best in Speed. Also, if you want a 2-in-1 laptop, it has a 14-inch FHD Touchscreen Display might be better to go with Lenovo Flex 14 2-in-1.

Lenovo Flex 14 2-in-1 Best for Digital Art

  • 1. With AMD Ryzen 53500U Processor
  • 2. Has 8GB RAM
  • 3. With great battery life
  • 4. Running with Windows 10 Pro,
  • 5. 14-inch FHD Touchscreen Display
  • 6. Great in speed
  • 1. Very lightweight

5. Lenovo Yoga 15.6 Cheap Touch Screen Laptop

As you’d expect from a Yoga series laptop, with 11th Gen Intel Core i5-1135G7 has a premium ultraportable chassis and with doubles soundbar speaker. As a 2-in-1, that hinge can rotate 360 ​​degrees to turn the Yoga 15.6 into a proper tablet with 16GB RAM.

When it comes to viewing content, the Yoga 15.6 1080p with 4K display is sharp, vibrant, and bright also with LED Backlit for comfort. For all the basics, Lenovo Yoga has 256GB SSD Storage and with all great features included.

These include a cover for the webcam with a Full HD multitouch Screen, Lenovo Yoga 15.6 is a great choice for you with an Intel Iris Xe Graphic for impressive image quality.

Lenovo Yoga 15.6 Best for Drawing

  • 1. With 11th Gen Intel Core i5 Processor
  • 2. With 16GB RAM
  • 3. With great battery life
  • 4. Has LED Backlit
  • 5. 4K Display
  • 6. With Intel Iris Xe Graphic
  • 1. No any cons mention

6. HP Elitebook Touch Screen Laptop with Pen

The HP Elitebook. One of its many impressive features is that’s its ability to transform your screen into a digital easel, and with 16GB RAM also perfect for art hobbyists and professionals who enjoy taking notes.

It has 8th generation intel core 17-8565U with UHD Graphic 620 and it has natural silver in color It also landed on our laptops with a great battery life It lasted over 16 hours on a charge, with a 13.3-inch screen.

The design of the HP Elite Folio is another of its spectacular features. It’s incredibly slim and is wrapped in vegan leather; It is ideal for business users on the go who need it with compact and lightweight for their commute.

HP Elitebook Great for Students

  • 1. 8th generation intel core 17 processor
  • 2. With 16GB RAM
  • 3. With great battery life
  • 4. With 13.3-inch Display screen
  • 5. Best in Speed
  • 1. Only natural silver color

7. HP Envy 13 Touchscreen Laptops

The HP Envy 13  has a bright and vivid 1080p display; your eyes will light up with joy as you watch your favorite shows on it. one of the best laptops because it has AMD Ryzen 5 4500U 2.30GHz Hexa-Core Processor.

It has a 15.6-inch Full HD Anti-glare Touchscreen Envy 13 is generous and offers a Wled Backlit to run easily applications. Envy 13 great in battery life lasted nearly 11 hours on a charge in our internal battery life test.

The Hp Envy 13 has up to 4.0GHz, AMD Radeon Graphics with Shared Graphics Memory. from all the features HP Envy 13 is the top best cheap touch screen laptop you should buy.

HP Envy 13 Best for Gaming

  • 1. Has AMD Ryzen 5 4500U Hexa-Core Processor
  • 2. With 16GB RAM
  • 3. With great battery life
  • 4. Has a 15.6-inch Full HD
  • 5. With an Anti-glare Touchscreen
  • 6. With offers a Wled Backlit
  • 1. Very slim

Advantages and Disadvantages of Touch Screen Laptops

The touch screen feature in laptops was developed primarily to make navigation easier and more convenient. There are some advantages and disadvantages of touch screen laptops.

Advantages of Touchscreen Laptops

1. Artists and graphic designers will find a touch screen function on their laptops to be more convenient for their activities. There are specific laptop models that are equipped with a stylus and a touch screen so that users can easily create artwork sketches on the go.

2. Users can perform many tasks with this feature compared to trackpads and mouse devices. Launching applications and switching between them is also simplified.

3.  A stylus and touchscreen combination is also a convenient feature pack for students, eliminating the need to carry multiple notebooks for classes.

4. Touchscreen laptops often have excellent brightness and better color accuracy, vibrancy, and reproduction compared to standard ones. Most models with this feature also have higher resolution displays.

5. Touchscreens are glossy, so they can be more responsive to touch than matte ones. Due to their excellent brightness and color accuracy, many users who often work with colors choose touchscreen models.

6.  Also, when the trackpad is not working properly, you can also use the touch screen function to perform your tasks.

Disadvantages of Touchscreen Laptops

1. Laptops with touch screen functions are built with another set of processing tasks for the computer hardware due to the inclusion of a touch panel. If you intend to use this feature frequently, you must have a spare battery on standby.

2. Laptops with touchscreens are great for use in low-light areas, but they can be a hassle to use indirect light. Touchscreen models often have glossy finishes so you can respond faster to touch, but this type of finish is also a magnet for smudges, fingerprints, and the like.

3. The touch screen function is an included aspect of the laptop; therefore, the price of the model also increases. In addition, some manufacturers also offer higher resolution touchscreens, which raises your costs.

4. The additional technology in the computer adds bulk and space, making the laptop heavier. While the weight difference comes in grams, this can be noticed on laptops.

People also asked

Do touch screen laptops consume more battery?

They can, but this question is more complicated than it seems. All sorts of laptop screen settings can drain your battery, especially screen brightness.

Touch screens use a simple capacitive layer on the screen to detect your fingers, which hardly uses any electricity.

However, as touchscreen laptops have become more complex, there are more features that “observe” touch inputs, which can drain battery life over time.

For a variety of reasons, touchscreen laptops tend to use up their batteries faster than non-touchscreen models. Oh, and disabling the touch screen won’t make a difference.

Most laptops simply set the screen to ignore all touches, accidental or not, but the battery-draining features are still there.

The real reason touchscreen laptops tend to have worse battery life is because they are sometimes limited to higher resolution settings, like the Dell XPS 13.

A 4K screen is the main battery drainer here, not the addition of a touch screen.

Are touchscreen laptops good for drawing?

Some touchscreen laptops are horrible at drawing, while others are really, really good at it. Look for a 2-in-1 model that supports a stylus like Surface Pen (Microsoft Surface models, Lenovo Yoga models, etc.).

Then look carefully at the reviews and see if people find the laptop model good for sketching and drawing. If the screen can’t lay completely flat, it’s probably not a good choice for a drawing surface.

What are the most important attributes of a good touchscreen laptop?

A good touchscreen laptop should be extremely bright and should support multiple form factors. In case you are looking for folding models, never opt for anything that comes without a pen or stylus.

For convertibles, you can always consider the lightness of the peso and rounded edges that are not prone to chipping. On top of that, a touchscreen laptop hardly finds any mechanical faults when keyboards are considered.

Are dual-screen touchscreen laptops good for productivity?

Dual-screen foldable laptops like the ZenBook Pro Duo and ZenBook Duo are extremely nifty entities. Unlike a standard clamshell or convertible that only offers a single interface to work with dual-screen laptops have an extra screen for reference.

This way you can keep certain apps pinned to the screen without cluttering up the main screen. Features like ViewMax, TaskSwap, and App Switcher are extremely useful features for publishers and content creators synonymous with these dual-screen machines.

Is it advisable to invest in a touchscreen laptop?

Yes, you should consider investing in a good touchscreen laptop if you like high-end professional tasks but need to move around a lot for work.

However, if you’re using the laptop for work, it should have a pretty capable spec sheet, especially a powerful processor.

Why shouldn’t you buy a touchscreen laptop?

When you use a smartphone all day, it’s easy to think that every screen in your life should respond to touch. Touch screens are necessary for phones, tablets, and 2-in-1 hybrids that transform from laptops to whiteboards.

They even provide many benefits on the big-screen all-in-one PCs sitting in your living room.

Are touch laptops good?

Yes, Touchscreen laptops often come with excellent brightness and better color accuracy, vibrancy, and reproduction compared to standard ones.

Most models with this feature also have higher resolution screens. Touchscreens are glossy so they can respond to touch better than matte ones.

What is the difference between a touchscreen laptop and a 2-in-1 laptop?

A touchscreen laptop is just that. This refers to a computer with a keyboard, mouse configurations, and ports like a standard laptop, but it has a touch-sensitive screen. Instead, a 2-in-1 or hybrid laptop is similar.

Many of these will also feature standard ports like USB. The most significant difference is that this laptop is more interactive and can also be used as a tablet. The keyboard is often hinged or detachable for maximum versatility.

What is the purpose of a touch screen?

A touch screen allows users to enter commands and information by touching the screen. This allows users to control the computer more precisely than if they had to use a keyboard and mouse.

Why is a touch screen preferable to a mouse or trackpad?

The main reason why a touch screen is preferable to a mouse or trackpad is that it requires less physical effort. The surface of a touch screen can be seen as an extension of the hand.

So with a touch screen, the user only needs to move their fingers to perform tasks such as scrolling through menus or rotating images on a screen.

Do touch screen laptops consume more battery?

Yes, because the more you use the hardware of the computer, the higher the battery consumption, since you must know that the screen is also part of the laptop and also for the other devices. The less you use it, the more battery life you get

Does the touch screen slow down a laptop?

I do not think so. A touch screen can be faster than a trackpad because it doesn’t require any physical movement to perform tasks.


Not all touchscreens are the same. Some are more responsive than others Also be sure to check the responsiveness of the keyboard, as the overall feel of using the device will play a large role in your enjoyment.

Touchscreen laptops are really useful devices. They can be used in many ways to suit all types of people. When looking for a new laptop, it is highly recommended to consider one with a touch screen.

Some of the above cheapest touchscreen laptops are great for digital art, gaming, and for students and artists. I highly recommended HP Envy 13 and Lenovo Flex 14 and Dell Inspiron.

it’s my personal experience with these laptops is pretty good. Whether you use them for work or pleasure, these devices are sure to blow your mind with their fantastic features.

So I hope this article is useful for you if you have any questions then feel free and hit the comment section below. I am here to answer you.

What do you like more from the above laptops? and if in past any experience you have from these touchscreen laptops then also share with me I would like to hear from you.

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